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Step by step of a reconstructive mammoplasty


As we have mentioned in previous articles, reconstructive mammoplasty is one of the most special surgeries for a plastic surgeon as it touches his/her deep fibers.

The plastic surgeon is faced with the bravery, struggle and effort of a woman who was victorious in the arduous battle against breast cancer.

This surgery requires all the experience and professional commitment from the plastic surgeon, and is a guarantee that the end result will only bring satisfactions and uplifting emotions to the brave woman who will undergo the reconstructive mammoplasty.

The main objective of reconstructive mammoplasty is to give the patient back the silhouette she had before the breast cancer; the breast reconstruction will return the shape, volume and contour to the patient’s breasts.

How is reconstructive mammoplasty performed?

• Augmentation mammoplasty can be done in several ways. Generally, it is performed on the excised breast, seeking to restore it to a precise location and shape so that it matches the other breast. There is also the possibility of intervening in both breasts, in order to achieve the perfect symmetry. The ultimate goal is to guarantee the patient that her restored breast will be comfortable and aesthetic.

• It is a surgery that can be performed immediately after the mastectomy (i.e. the breast excision), if the patient wishes it so.

• It is performed by the incorporation of a silicone implant, previously chosen between the plastic surgeon and the patient, in order to guarantee a silhouette according to the patient’s needs and desires.

• Reconstructive mammoplasty may also be performed a certain time after the mastectomy; this will depend on the patient’s decision. What is important to achieve in any case is that the patient feels comfortable, protected and safe.

The recovery process may take a little longer than a breast augmentation under normal circumstances, as the patient comes from an arduous and difficult medical treatment in her battle against cancer. Recovery is not only physical but mental and emotional. In the end, the patient will have the satisfaction of having recovered its silhouette while having valiantly surpassed the breast cancer.


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