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It is the aesthetic and functional nose surgery.

This is considered the most relevant surgery in Facial Plastic Surgery, since it corrects not only the aesthetic look of the nose but also its functionality. In fact, obstructive nasal pathology is very common in people (deviation of the septum, giant conchae). This pathology causes many discomforts; one of them is snoring.

It is the procedure with the greatest impact on the beautification and improvement of the human face’s expression. This is due to the fact that it modifies the protuberance or the most notorious and visible projection of the said face, the nose. For this same reason, it is the most frequent surgery in both men and women. It can be performed at any age, after having reached bone maturity, at the age of 16 or 17. Also, in mature people, this surgery is a complement to facial rejuvenation procedures.

Ideally, it should always be performed by an interdisciplinary team, Plastic Surgeon and Otorhinolaryngologist. This is in order to be able to simultaneously and effectively correct and treat, both internal (i.e. Functional) and external (i.e. Aesthetic) issues.
It is an outpatient surgery, to be performed under general anesthesia.

Quite often, it is necessary to leave an intranasal foam, for the first few hours after surgery (nasal plug), which prevents the risk of hemorrhage. This nasal packing does not produce pain, but does generate some discomfort, as it makes us feel like congested. Its removal is equally annoying, but not painful.

As with any facial surgery, disability does not depend on pain (which is usually moderate to minimal), but on the presence of inflammation or bruising. These vary from patient to patient, according to the type of skin, and can last between 3 days and a week.

The first few days after surgery we should apply cold locally (cold gel bags). It greatly reduces inflammation, bruises and pain.

Our biggest enemy in facial surgery, during the postoperative period, is sunlight, and more specifically the sun ultraviolet rays. They can cause dark spots in those areas where were bruises were present, especially in the eye bags’ area. Those eye bags, with their dark tone, can get permanently accentuated.

Usually between the 4th and 6th week, we can go back to "normal life", resume gym routines, go to the pool or the beach. Also, about the same time, we can start watching the procedure’s end result.


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