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Lipolysis / Gluteal lipoinjection

Those are two names for the well-known procedure that seeks surgical body shaping, by extracting the fat tissue, abnormally deposited in abdominal areas, hips, waist, back, buttocks, arms or legs.

An ideal candidate for a Lipolysis is a patient who is not obese, and has a good skin quality; ideally, without stretch marks or significant flaccidity, and that, of course, does not suffer from conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, uncontrolled hypertension, and so on.
Different kinds of technical aids are used to "soften" the fatty tissue, and facilitate its extraction. If the removal preparation of such fatty deposits is performed by means of a beam of light, we speak of "laser assisted lipolysis". If internal ultrasound is used, the procedure will be called "vaser lipolysis". Or if a hand piece is used in order to weaken the fat, with the help of an aiding apparatus that induces a mechanical vibration of the fatty tissue and therefore a "softening" thereof, then we call such procedure an "assisted lipolysis with vibration or Vibroliposuction".
A patient may require the help of one of these particular techniques, or the combination of some of them, in order to obtain better surgical results, shorten surgery duration and the recovery period, decrease inflammation and postoperative bleeding.
If it is also required, within the same surgery we can mold the gluteal region or moderately increase its volume, or correct any irregularities in this particular region. For that matter we carry out a transfer of fat, extracted from the same patient, to the gluteal area. Such procedure is known as gluteal lipoinjection.
Removing fatty tissue in excess, by means of a surgery, can be performed on patients 18 years old and up until 60.
The surgery is ideally carried out under general anesthesia. Patients can experience moderate pain, which may be greater in some, according to their threshold to this particular pain. The need for immediate postoperative observation and proper pain management make it a safer and more effective procedure, if the patient is hospitalized for just one day after surgery.
To assist in the recovery, postoperative physical therapy (external ultrasound, lymphatic drainage massage) is often used. It is recommended for the first 3 weeks after surgery, and is conducted by specialized personnel. During the same period, a postoperative lycra-based medical support should be used; such support is also known as postoperative girdle.
The time off work should be between 3 days to a week, depending on the degree of inflammation and postoperative pain. The bruises, although present in areas such as waist, hip or legs, are normal as part of the recovery period.
As in any other surgical procedure, we start talking about end results between the 4th and the 6th week after surgery. At that moment in time we can go back to the gym, get sunbathe, or engage in intense outdoor activities.


Successful lipotransfer on buttocks

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