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Buttock implants


When patients come to consultation with the plastic surgeon, and express their need to change their body shape, the plastic surgeon can offer buttock implants as a quick and successful alternative to meet such need at the buttock level. In fact, buttock implants is one of the favorite techniques when the patient wants to shape and augment volume in their glutes.

Buttock implants leave very good results in patients, as long as the surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon who is an expert in the field.

Important aspects to keep in mind about buttock implants.

1. Who is the perfect candidate for a buttock surgery?

People who are in optimal health condition, who do not have a history of severe chronic diseases or some type of major illness, and who are in full mental capacity to make a mature decision with respect to having a surgery.

2. How is buttock implant surgery performed?

Any plastic surgery carries out a process: First, the patient attends consultation and has a direct and open conversation with the plastic surgeon, in order to clear all doubts and obtain the necessary information. Then the plastic surgeon proceeds to take the clinical photos in order to assess the correct procedure; the patient thereafter undergoes routine lab tests. Once lab test results are released, both patient and surgeon decide upon the best date and time to perform the surgery. In the meantime, the plastic surgeon chooses the type of implants that the patient is going to have. Regarding implants, these are manufactured in silicone, and are previously evaluated and certified for clinical use.

3. How long does the surgery last?

This surgery takes approximately two to three hours.

4. Is it possible to increase glutes without silicone implants?

Yes. There is another technique to increase buttocks, which consists of fat extraction from the patient’s body. Then, the surgeon proceeds to re-inject the said fat into the area to be augmented.

5. How is recovery after buttock implant surgery?

It must be said that the post-surgery phase is annoying to the patient, because he/she must sleep sideways until the recovery process and normal healing is over. The patient may also experience pain, although this is easily managed with the medication that the plastic surgeon prescribes. On the other hand, it is important to wear a compression band after surgery, as this will help the body to adapt to the implants.

As in other plastic surgeries, there is the likelihood of bruising though they will disappear over time. In short, the patient has to make a personal commitment to follow the recommendations and care during the recovery process, so that surgery results are completely satisfactory.


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