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Breast Augmentation and Self-esteem


For a woman’s life, breast augmentation (i.e. augmentation mammoplasty) can be much more than a plastic surgery. At any given time, breasts’ size can be related to psychological issues that a patient may experience. The fact that her breasts do not have the desired size can generate emotional disturbances such as lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Nowadays, a woman’s image has some important components like her silhouette and her physical appearance in general. Women are pressured by the media, social networks and society as a whole. In line with that, breast augmentation is one of the most effective alternatives when a woman is not comfortable with the size, proportion and shape of her breasts.

How to address patient’s low self-esteem before surgery?

While it is true that breast augmentation helps patients regain their self-esteem, it is important that before the surgery, they begin to accept and to love themselves. On many occasions this low self-esteem, due to aesthetic reasons, can affect and disrupt women’s work, family and personal life. So, in order for the patient to fully enjoy the physical benefits of the surgery, she must first begin a process of self-esteem recovery.

Trust the Plastic Surgeon

On the other hand, to have the patient relying on her plastic surgeon is one of the most important success factors when performing a breast augmentation.

In fact, the patient should have full confidence in the surgeon she chose, and on the decisions that are made around the surgery.

In this surgeon-patient relationship, the former will know with certainty whether the patient is ready or not to undergo the surgical procedure.

In summary, breast augmentation may help the patient with self-esteem problems, regain confidence. And the first step towards this goal is made by the patient, with her decision to accept and love herself.


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