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Abdominal lipectomy after obesity


Abdominal lipectomy is part of an encompassed treatment against obesity. Talking about obesity, it is a chronic disease that affects a large part of the world’s population.

Passive lifestyles, without physical exercise, accompanied by unbalanced diets based on processed foods, directly intervene in the onset of obesity. It becomes a long illness and a difficult one to cure from.

When a patient decides to get medically treatment against obesity, he/she undergoes strict diets and physical exercise that will help him/her to manage his overweight issue. Once the patient reaches his/her ideal clothing size, it is time for the plastic surgeon’s intervention.  The latter will use the technique called abdominal lipectomy or lipoabdominoplasty, in order to remove excess skin that remains after massive weight loss.

So, what is an abdominal lipectomy?

  • This is a plastic surgery that involves removing excess skin after progressive body weight loss. What the plastic surgeon looks for is to restructure the patient’s body (especially his/her abdomen) by giving it a new shape, according to the patient’s new weight. At the same time, the surgery aims to restore the patient’s comfort and self-esteem. This surgery also corrects sagging and removes those residual fat deposits, which do not allow the body to have the shape and the harmonious contour that is so desired.

What happens after an abdominal lipectomy?

  • Once the plastic surgery is done, the patient can start his/her new life. Treatments that help the patient fight obesity are lifelong. After an abdominal lipectomy, it is important that the patient is aware that he/she should continue with a balanced diet and with a routine of exercises proportional to his/her physical abilities. In addition, the patient must continue with the care and recommendations established by the specialists in charge of the whole process.

On the other hand, an abdominal lipectomy should not be performed if the patient is not in optimal health and if his/her weight, clothing size and body fat percentages are not normal and stable. Incidentally, this surgery is not recommended for people who suffer from a chronic disease that requires special care, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

In a nutshell, abdominal lipectomy is a plastic surgery with great benefits for the patient’s life, especially for one who suffered from obesity. Recovering the body shape greatly contributes to the patient’s self-esteem restoration. In fact, he/she feels encouraged to continue working on maintaining his/her physical well-being and overall health.


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